Part Time MBA Programs

Our list of top 10 part-time MBA programs, much like all other rankings, is quite subjective. We are sure there will be many readers who will disagree with the rankings below and we fully understand that the best school for you may not necessarily be the one ranked the highest.

We polled several consultants from Admissions Consultants as well as recruiters, alumni and current students from all of the part-time MBA programs below. We gave particular attention to recruiter perspectives, the qualifications of the incoming part-time MBA students, the professional successes of the part-time MBA graduates, and the curriculum ideologies of the various part-time MBA programs.

We present our list in alphabetical order to eliminate some of the subjectivity and minutia that seems to plague most rankings systems:

Part Time MBA Program
Berkeley (Haas)
Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)
Maryland (Smith)
Michigan (Ross)
Northwestern (Kellogg)
NYU (Stern)
UCLA (Anderson)
University of Chicago (Booth)
University of Texas – Austin (McCombs)
USC (Marshall)

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Part Time MBA Programs

Students generally complete the part-time programs in 2.5 to 4.0 years. While many part-time graduates feel they miss out to some extent on the recruiting process, they are also usually very quick to point out that they were advancing their careers while in business school and that they felt less pressure than their full-time counterparts because of their employment situations.

An Important Word of Warning!

Many part-time MBA students and graduates are fortunate enough to have their current employer cover their tuition bills. However, it needs to be noted that these same students are generally obligated to stay with their employers for a set period of time and, hence, are unable to participate in recruiting activities. Consequently, some part-time MBA programs have evolved to serve this market and do not provide career placement resources to their students.

If you are considering a part-time MBA program it is imperative that you understand the type of program you are targeting. Please do NOT state that you are a great fit for the program if indeed you are looking to leave your employer and you didn’t bother to "do your homework" and learn that the particular part-time program does not offer the career placement services you will need.