International Applicants

You should only consider studying abroad if you don't think you will spend your whole career in the U.S. where less name recognition and smaller alumni networks will not help you nearly as much as the American schools. Additionally, if you are not a dual citizen of the European Union, potential EU employers may shy away from you.
Asians Who Want to Return to Asia
While you can certainly gain a lot from studying in the States or in Europe and gain valuable exposure to the American or European business models, we strongly believe the Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad is an up and coming school that should grab BusinessWeek's (and everyone else's attention in the near future). We are also acutely aware that many Asian employers still place a premium value on the American, and to a slightly lesser extent the European, MBA. Other options worth considering include such programs as the University of Chicago's Singapore campus.
There are some very strong MBA programs in Europe that we believe will only continue to grow in prestige. Two of these top schools, INSEAD and IMD, offer one-year programs. If you do not believe you will need a summer internship to assist you with your post business school career goals, these programs may be ideal for you. We also believe EU companies will continue to recognize and value the American MBA degree.
Many Canadians do complete their MBAs in the States but Canadian employers have taken increasing notice of the fine programs available at Ivey and Rotman. With the one key exception of Ivey's international focus, the Canadian schools have sadly not yet attracted much attention from non-Canadian recruiters.
Those who Wish to Work in the US after Completing their MBAs
The prestigious name recognition and alumni networks of the American MBAs will give you the very best chance of future career success in the States.