Johnson GSM Interview (cont’d)

Can you describe some of The Johnson School’s innovative curriculum for the MBA?

The Johnson School experience includes performance learning approach, combining theory, practice in real-world situations, and feedback from business experts. Students in the two-year program complete immersions during the second semester of the first year. The Accelerated MBA program includes a management practicum and a two-week internship experience.

What opportunities do you have for students interested in international business?

Students may study international business at the Johnson School or gain international exposure by studying abroad. Students also participate in short study trips during breaks. Trips this year include Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, China, India, Columbia, Japan, and South Korea. Our website includes detailed information about international business courses and opportunities for studying internationally.

Your school has several dual degree programs that combine other degrees with the MBA. Could you tell us a bit more about them?

We offer dual degrees with the College of Engineering, the Industrial and Labor Relations School (for human resources), the Cornell Law School, Weill Medical College, Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences, the Department of Asian Studies, and the Program in Real Estate.

What advice do you have for dual degree applicants?

Dual degree applicants must apply to both programs separately. In general, we recommend applying to both programs simultaneously to ensure the most effective degree program planning.

Do you have any programs targeted to specific population groups, such as women or minorities?

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the Johnson School offers a variety of programs for women and minorities. We are very excited about women comprising 39% of the class entering in 2008. Unique opportunities for women at the Johnson School include participation in the Women’s Management Council, Forte Foundation scholarships, the Women’s Power Lunch series, and Woman2Woman recruiting events. The Johnson School Office of Diversity and Inclusion connects with minorities applicants in partnership with Management Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) and during Johnson Means Business, an annual recruiting weekend for students of color. Student clubs and organizations at the Johnson School include the Black Graduate Business Association (BGBA) Hispanic American Business Leaders Association (HABLA), Out for Business (LGBT) , Joint Ventures (for partners and families), and the Veterans Club (for military veterans).

What do you think is the best way for applicants to differentiate themselves from the crowd?

Our best applicants provide evidence of academic excellence, career progression, leadership potential, teamwork skills, initiative, and balance.

What do you advise a waitlisted candidate to do?

Waitlisted applicants should compare their applications with the class profile for the most recent class. Many waitlisted candidates can improve their applications by retaking the GMAT or providing updates about developments professionally or personally. We also allow waitlisted candidates to provide an additional recommendation. For those pursuing a career change, we generally suggest developing contacts in their intended area of interest. We also offer feedback sessions for waitlisted applicants and provide suggestions for improving their applications.

How are re-applicants viewed by The Johnson School and how can they be successful?

We look for improvement in applications from those reapplying. Re-applicants must complete an additional essay addressing developments since their previous application. They can receive admission by demonstrating improvements and addressing weaknesses in their profiles.

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